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Garmin connect is an online community group from Garmin. Garmin connect is able to calculate your data automatically. And this data provided by Garmin wearable gadgets which is connect to your computer with the help of software application Garmin Express.

You can access Garmin connect with the steps given below:

  • Download “Garmin Express” on your computer system.
  • Install “Garmin Express”.
  • Sign In with your Garmin email or if you not have any than your can try your alternative email as per screen instructions.
  • Connect your Garmin device with your computer with the help of USB provided by Garmin.
  • When your device get connect with your working computer than open “Garmin Connect”.

Garmin connect will start detecting your activities and calculate them. Garmin connect collect your whole day activity data like steps you walk and time of your sleep taken. Garmin connect also able to track your activities like driving a vehicle or running activity. Heart rate data also get calculated.

Garmin Connect provide your more features listed below:

  1.  Manually import data.
  2.  Export Data.
  3.  Connect your device with the activity you following.
  4.  Manage your audience with privacy option provided.
  5.  You can manually add Fitbit data.

Detecting activities and sharing them with other users makes Garmin Connect a way to know about yourself more. You can follow any activity that you want to do with the help of Garmin Connect.

In case of any trouble or issue while performing these tasks listed above, contact to our customer support helpline 1800-443-3536 (toll free). Or you can visit our website for further information.

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